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The Magic Formula to Disagree Agreeably

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Whenever we are having a discussion, talking on the phone, or trying to express our ideas to others we benefit ourselves and our audience by clearly defining the purpose of our communication. It is critical that we think of the specific action we want our listeners to take and how it will benefit them. The ability to "honestly see things from the other person's point-of-view' and "talk in the terms of the other person's interests'' help us become persons of influence and de facto leaders. Nevertheless disagreements, from time to time, are not only inevitable, but are a natural dynamic that develops between people. Left unresolved, however, these disagreements and conflicts can waste enormous amounts of your time and energy and can affect the bottom line in lost productivity.
Many people actively try to avoid disagreements to maintain a peaceful and cooperative environment. Yet, you can gain so much from people who have different opinions, if you can learn to disagree agreeably and view these situations as learning opportunities and deal with them in an agreeable and professional way. In fact, research shows that successfully resolving disagreements and issues with work associates or in your personal life ultimately results in greater mutual respect and a more positive relationship.
In this unique workshop "The Magic Formula to Disagree Agreeably" we will focus on getting our listeners to take action using a process Dale Carnegie called "The Magic Formula". You will gain insights into your own personality and into how you react when you must deal with differences of opinion surrounding your “hot buttons.” You will learn to control your emotions, give others the benefit of the doubt, and to express your opinions in ways that allow for acceptance, agreeable outcomes, and improved productivity through a the magic formula.

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